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O Brother, Where Art Thou ?
Ocean's Eleven
Ocean's Eleven
Octagon (The)
Odd Couple (The)
Offence (The)
Officer and a Gentleman (An)
Oklahoma Crude
Old Gringo
Omega Man (The)
Omen (The)
Once More, with Feeling
Once Upon a Honeymoon
Once Upon a Time in America
On Deadly Ground
One Eight Seven
One Fine Day
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
One Minute to Zero
One Night Stand
One of Our Spies Is Missing
One True Thing
On Golden Pond
Onion Field (The)
Only Game in Town (The)
Only the Lonely
Only the Valiant
Only Thrill (The)
On the Town
Operation Crossbow
Operation Petticoat
Ordinary Decent Criminal
Organization (The)
Original Sin
Osterman Weekend (The)
Other People's Money
Others (The)
Other Sister (The)
Our Man Flint
Outfit (The)
Out for Justice
Outlaw Josey Wales (The)
Out of Africa
Out of Sight
Out of the Past
Out on a Limb
Outrage (The)
Outsiders (The)
Out to Sea
Over the Top
Ox-Bow Incident (The)

George Clooney

Frank Sinatra

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts

Chuck Norris

Roger Moore

Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau

Sean Connery

Richard Gere, David Keith, Louis Gossett Jr

Faye Dunaway

Jane Fonda, Gregory Peck

Charlton Heston

Gregory Peck, Lee Remick

Yul Brynner

Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers

Robert De Niro

Steven Seagal

Samuel L. Jackson

Michelle Pfeiffer, George Clooney

Jack Nicholson

Robert Mitchum

Wesley Snipes

Robert Vaughn

Meryl Streep

Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda

James Woods

Elizabeth Taylor, Warren Beatty

Anthony Quinn

Gregory Peck

Diane Keaton

Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra

George Peppard, Sophia Loren

Cary Grant, Tony Curtis

Kevin Spacey

Sidney Poitier

Angelina Jolie

Sylvester Stallone, Ornella Muti

John Hurst, Burt Lancaster

Danny DeVito, Gregory Peck

Nicole Kidman

Diane Keaton

James Coburn

Dustin Hoffman

Robert Duvall

Steven Seagal

Sean Connery

Clint Eastwood

Robert Redford, Meryl Streep

George Clooney

Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas

Matthew Broderick

Paul Newman

Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, ...

Jack Lemmon

Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell

Sylvester Stallone

Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn